How to Sell Estate Jewelry

Get the pieces appraised. This costs money but is necessary to ensure the quality of what you are working with. Unless you are a jewelry expert, find an appraiser and expect to pay for a professional appraisal.

Sell through an auction house. There are many auction houses out there that deal strictly with estate sales. This is the best way to ensure the sale of inherited items, but it does give the least amount of return.

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These days, estate, or vintage jewelry, has become increasingly popular due to its collectability, unique aesthetics, and retro designs. Vintage jewelry dating all the way back to the Georgian era is exceedingly rare, hard to find, and, as such, is extremely sought after. The price of a given piece of vintage jewelry depends on a number of factors including the materials used in making the jewelry, as well as its history and its nostalgic value. For example, jewelry set with precious metals and precious gemstones, intricately designed and well-made would be have a higher value than jewelry made with semi-precious metals, mounted with semi-precious gemstones, glass beads or inexpensive birthstones, poorly crafted or simply designed. In addition, the jewelry``s past owners or history can directly impact the item``s value. For instance, if the jewelry was previously owned by a famous Hollywood actress, a socialite or a member of the royal family, it would be considered a highly collectible and valuable piece of jewelry.